Gloss Sealer
Gloss Sealer

Gloss Sealer


 Pureco Gloss Sealer is our highest sheen level sealer.

How to use - Stir contents thoroughly before and during use with a broad, flat stirrer, using an upward action. Can be applied with Pureco Sponge Applicator brush, roller or wiped on.

Pureco Gloss Sealer is quite a sticky consistancy and water can be added to help application. If spraying add up to 10% water. 600ml will cover 10-12 square metres.

Water clean up Exterior/Interior use This product should not be used if air temperature is below 10 degrees or above 35 degrees. 
Water clean up. 100% washable.

600ml or 200ml 

DetailsOur Sealers
Sizes600ml,200ml, 50ml/ 500ml, 125ml/200g,100g
PrimerNo Primer is needed.
BasesOur Clear Sealers come in Matte, Satin, Semi Gloss & Gloss Finish.
Our Liquid Wax comes in 500ml & 125ml.
Our Beeswax Polish comes in 200g & 100g.
Our Hemp Oil comes in 500ml & 125ml.
Drying Times Drying times will vary dependant on climate. Humidity will increase cure time.
Most products will be fully cured between 7-21 days.
Cured is when every drop of liquid is thoroughly evaporated and only the coating is left.
Coverage200ml will cover approx 2-3 square metres and 600ml will cover approx 7-8 square metres in normal conditions.