Gloss Sealer Discontinued 40% off
Gloss Sealer Discontinued 40% off

Gloss Sealer Discontinued 40% off


Pureco Gloss Sealer is a non-yellowing, easy to use, self levelling gloss sheen sealer, giving an invisible, easy-clean finish over your paint or surface! 

Exterior grade so safe for outdoor use!
1-2 coats recommended

100% washable! 

This sealer can be tinted using both ranges of our paint.

Pureco Gloss Sealer is quite a sticky consistancy and water can be added to help application. If spraying add up to 10% water. 600ml will cover 10-12 square metres.

How to use -

Stir contents thoroughly before and during use with a broad, flat stirrer, using an upward action.

Apply using a Pureco Sponge Applicator, brush, sprayer (can be diluted up to 10%), roller or wipe on using a damp lint free cloth.

Perfect to use for decoupage, transfers, gluing and sealing wallpaper or used as a image transfer medium as well.

600ml will cover 6–8 square meters depending on application technique and surface roughness.

Water clean up, product should not be used if air temperature is below 10 degrees or above 35 degrees. 

DetailsOur Sealers
Sizes600ml,200ml, 50ml/ 500ml, 125ml/200g,100g
PrimerNo Primer is needed.
BasesOur Clear Sealers come in Matte, Satin, Semi Gloss & Gloss Finish.
Our Liquid Wax comes in 500ml & 125ml.
Our Beeswax Polish comes in 200g & 100g.
Our Hemp Oil comes in 500ml & 125ml.
Drying Times Drying times will vary dependant on climate. Humidity will increase cure time.
Most products will be fully cured between 7-21 days.
Cured is when every drop of liquid is thoroughly evaporated and only the coating is left.
Coverage200ml will cover approx 2-3 square metres and 600ml will cover approx 7-8 square metres in normal conditions.