Beeswax Polish - French Pear 200g
Beeswax Polish - French Pear 200g

Beeswax Polish - French Pear 200g


Pureco Beeswax Polish is our all natural wax, homemade right here at Pureco HQ!
Our wax is a non-yellowing, natural wax that can be buffed to a high or low shine.

Available in Clear -in our signature scents French Pear & Lemon Myrtle, Dark, White & Black.

Use to polish and protect your Chalk Finish painted projects with no harsh solvents; contains all natural ingredients, handmade and all effort is made to adhere to eco & sustainable practices.

How to Use - Make sure your raw or painted surface is completely dry and apply with a brush or a lint free cloth,

leave for 30mins and buff to a shine, using either a cloth or brush.

Our beeswax polish is made of the highest quality cosmetic grade ingredients.

Pureco is hypo-allergenic, safe for children's toys, furniture and rooms.

 *Please Note - Use the Coloured waxes on their own, if applying clear wax underneath the coloured wax will just slide around and not give the intended effect.

Tip- You can remove the coloured wax with the clear (like a magic eraser) if you feel it is too dark etc.

 The waxes are poured into Aluminium tins, please recycle or reuse. Some suggestions are make your own candle in it, travel jewellery box, treasure box for children, hold spare buttons etc the list is endless!

Clear available in 200g, Coloured in 100g

DetailsOur Sealers
Sizes600ml,200ml, 50ml/ 500ml, 125ml/200g,100g
PrimerNo Primer is needed.
BasesOur Clear Sealers come in Matte, Satin, Semi Gloss & Gloss Finish.
Our Liquid Wax comes in 500ml & 125ml.
Our Beeswax Polish comes in 200g & 100g.
Our Hemp Oil comes in 500ml & 125ml.
Drying Times Drying times will vary dependant on climate. Humidity will increase cure time.
Most products will be fully cured between 7-21 days.
Cured is when every drop of liquid is thoroughly evaporated and only the coating is left.
Coverage200ml will cover approx 2-3 square metres and 600ml will cover approx 7-8 square metres in normal conditions.