Riverstone - Silk Finish
Riverstone - Silk Finish

Riverstone - Silk Finish


A cozy cashmere sweater, sunlit sand dune and the gentle warmth of riverstones.

Pureco Silk Finish Paint is our easy-to-use, eco-friendly, water and acrylic based mineral paint. Made in Australia, it dries to a 100% washable, stain-resistant, satin sheen finish! 

We designed this paint to be ideal for all furniture artists, from beginner to experienced! It is the perfect choice for those who like to paint and go, more suited to smooth clean finishes like those seen in modern, coastal and Hamptons styles! (Don’t worry you can still shabby it up like you can the Chalk Finish!) 

Unlike most other mineral paints, when dry, Silk Finish has a beautiful (tough) eggshell shine to it, eliminating the need for additional topcoats. Our Sealers can still be applied for extra durability on high traffic surfaces if desired! 

Amazing self levelling properties so you can achieve the smoothest finish, every time! 

How to Use -

Always do a test patch to see if this product is right for your project.

Clean substrate well, sand any flaking paint off, lightly scuff sand shiny surfaces to promote adhesion.

Prime using Pureco Base & Blocker or any flat, matte, waterbased primer. 

Ensure you Silk Finish Paint is mixed thoroughly and paint away with a brush, spray or roller! 


For best results use a smooth synthetic brush in long even smooth strokes, avoid over working the paint. Apply two or more coats, allowing to dry in between. 
If spraying, Silk Finish can be watered down up to approx 15% without compromising the built in top coat. If diluting further, either for spraying or for a wash, an additional sealer will be required. 

In some cases, you may find some substrates may have tannin bleed-through.
Should this happen, use our Base & Blocker and leave overnight to prevent further staining.

Our waxes are not suitable to use with Silk Finish as they will tend just slide around and not absorb into the coating.

Easy clean up with water for brushes, rollers and spray equipment.

Details Our Paint Ranges
Sizes600ml, 200ml, 50ml
PrimerBase & Blocker is recommended under our Silk Range.
Our Chalk Range needs no primer unless you think light bleed through (tannin showing).
Find them here
BasesOur Paints come made on 3 different bases depending on colour intensity -
**Clear base - will need an extra coat for full opaque finish
*Light base - may need an extra coat for full opaque finish 
White base - will give full opaque finish in 2 coats depending on individual techniques this excludes our Snow (our pure white)
SealersWe make 4 Sealers, Liquid Wax, 12 Glazes and 7 waxes.
All will seal our Chalk Range beautifully. 
Find them here
Drying Times Drying times will vary dependant on climate. Humidity will increase cure time.
Most products will be fully cured between 7-21 days.
Cured is when every drop of liquid is thoroughly evaporated and only the coating is left.
Coverage 200ml will cover approx 2-3 square metres and 600ml will cover approx 7-8 square metres in normal conditions. This will definately depend on the colour choice, whites will require more coats hence cover less square metres.
This will definitely depend on the colour choice, whites will require more coats hence cover less square metres.