Fawn - Chalk Finish
Fawn - Chalk Finish
Fawn - Chalk Finish
Fawn - Chalk Finish

Fawn - Chalk Finish


Owl feathers, toasted bagels and coconut shells.

Pureco Chalk Finish Paint is our matte, velvety, eco-friendly, clay based paint. Made in Australia, we have designed this paint to be your favourite artisan medium, perfect for distressing, blending, or any of your other fav decorative finishes!
With 60+ colours, including 5 neons, your destined to find a colour pallet to suit your specific furniture & decor style! 
Unleash your inner artist and start creating fun + colourful, vintage shabby chic, distressed, rustic and textured looks today! 
Just like traditional chalk paints, priming is not necessary but it does need sealing! 

We just know you’ll find our Chalk Finish so dreamy to work with, but if the conditions are a bit hot and dry, you’re free to add a bit of water or use a mister! 
How To Use -
Always do a test patch to see if this product is right for your project.
Clean substrate well, sand any flaking paint off, lightly scuff sand shiny surfaces to promote adhesion. 

Apply a coat with a brush, spray or roller. If spraying, thin with water as necessary. Our Chalk Finish paint can be thinned up to 15% when spraying or more when using as a wash. 
In some cases, you may find some substrates may have tannin bleed-through. Should this happen, you can use our Base & Blocker to prevent further staining! 

Allow your first coat to dry thoroughly before applying your next coat.
Due to the clay components in Chalk Finish, colours will appear lighter when dried. Don’t worry! Once sealed, the colour will return! 
Clay components also means Chalk Finish can be wet distressed! 
You can also wet sand using our Liquid Wax or Hemp Finishing Oil with Wet & Dry Sanding Pads to finish as a sealer!

 For a smooth finish, use a smooth flat brush in long smooth strokes and a water mister, you can sand lightly in between coats for a super smooth finish. Another technique for a smooth finish is the feathering technique. Easiest with a minimal amount of paint on a round or oval brush with a light, delicate hand.

 For a textured rustic look, use criss cross or brush strokes or a pouncing action with a round or oval brush to give your piece added interest. Any of our products in our Decorative Range can also be used! 

Seal with either our Beeswax Polishes, Liquid Wax, Hemp Finishing Oil or any of our Sealers.
Details Our Paint Ranges
Sizes600ml, 200ml, 50ml
PrimerBase & Blocker is recommended under our Silk Range.
Our Chalk Range needs no primer unless you think light bleed through (tannin showing).
Find them here
BasesOur Paints come made on 3 different bases depending on colour intensity -
**Clear base - will need an extra coat for full opaque finish
*Light base - may need an extra coat for full opaque finish 
White base - will give full opaque finish in 2 coats depending on individual techniques this excludes our Snow (our pure white)
SealersWe make 4 Sealers, Liquid Wax, 12 Glazes and 7 waxes.
All will seal our Chalk Range beautifully. 
Find them here
Drying Times Drying times will vary dependant on climate. Humidity will increase cure time.
Most products will be fully cured between 7-21 days.
Cured is when every drop of liquid is thoroughly evaporated and only the coating is left.
Coverage 200ml will cover approx 2-3 square metres and 600ml will cover approx 7-8 square metres in normal conditions. This will definately depend on the colour choice, whites will require more coats hence cover less square metres.
This will definitely depend on the colour choice, whites will require more coats hence cover less square metres.